Body Contouring at Aesthetica

Aesthetica offers two excellent RF systems including the Exilis Ultra and the Viora Reaction, giving us the flexibility to use either option alone or in combination to address your areas of concern, including lax upper arm skin, baby belly " pooch", love handles, "bra fat", waist and belly areas, "saddle bags", and cellulite! We can also address pendulous skin folds that remain after bariatric surgery or major weight loss!

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Exilis Ultra Fat Reduction

Treatment Protocol

Areas of unwanted fat can be reduced with 6-8 treatments.  Treatments are performed 7-14 days apart.  It's imperative the patient follow this treatment schedule for optimum results.  Treatment time varies with each individual.

Post Treatment

The following recommendations will help to ensure the best possible results from your body contouring treatment, and will assist the lymphatic system in flushing the fat from the body:
  1. Drink 8 glasses of water daily for 3 days:  This is recommended the day before, the day of, and the day after treatment.
  2. Perform some mild exercises, such as walking, during these 3 days.